Leadership Team Applications 2022

Please note that the CNU CCM is transitioning from an academic year Leadership Team term to a calendar year term.  This means that those elected in March 2022 will serve until December 2022.  

Wednesday, February 23: Applications for Vice President & President and Leadership Team Open

President & Vice President

  • Email Cate Harmeyer at charmeyer@richmonddiocese.org and fill out the Team Application (see below) by Sunday, March 6th to place yourself on the ballot for President and/or Vice President. All applications will be done by SELF-nomination. If there is someone you believe would be an excellent candidate, please encourage them to apply. Candidates are encouraged to apply for both positions, if they would have interest in serving in either role.

  • Candidates for President must have served on team (though do not have to be current team members). This is not a requirement for the candidates for Vice President.

  • Candidates for President and Vice President should schedule a Candidate Meeting with Cate for March 7th-9th.

Other Team Positions

  • Candidates for Team are encouraged to meet with current Team members in their desired position(s) to learn more about the responsibilities and expectations of the position

  • Any practicing Catholic at CNU is invited to apply

  • The Team application (see below) must be filled out by Wednesday, March 13th at 11:59pm.

Sunday, March 6th, 11:59pm President & Vice President Applications due

Monday, March 7th - Wednesday, March 9th:  President & Vice President Candidate Meetings

  • Between March 14th and March 17th meet with the Director Cate Harmeyer to discuss your interest in the position. At this meeting, Cate will explain the discernment process in greater detail, including preparations to make for Sunday’s meeting.

Sunday, March 13th, 7:00pm: Sunday Supper "Synod"

  • Everyone in the Community is invited and encouraged to attend.

  • Over dinner, we will have discuss the gifts and vision of the CCM, and what the community is looking for in a President/Vice President.

  • Then, the Candidates for President will be introduced, give a statement, and field questions.  

    • The Presidential Candidates will be dismissed and the group will discuss.

    • The Community will vote for President.

  • Then, the Candidates for Vice President will be introduced, give a statement, and field questions.  

    • The Vice Presidential Candidates will be dismissed and the group will discuss.

    • The Community will vote for Vice President.

  • The New President & Vice President will be introduced to the Community.

Wednesday, March 16th, 11:59pm: All Applications Close

Sunday, March 20th, 2:00pm: Team Interviews & Discernment

  • Candidates for Team will schedule a time to interview for the Leadership Team.

  • Team will discuss candidates and make a recommendation for the new team

Monday, March 21st

  • Cate, Current and New President, and Current and New Vice President will make final decision for team positions

Wednesday, March 23rd: Positions Offered

  • Positions will be offered and all other candidates will be contacted 

Friday, March 25th: New Team Announced

  • CNU CCM Leadership Team 2022 will be announced to the Community.

Sunday, March 27th: Joint Team Meeting

  • Former Team and Incoming Team will have a joint team meeting.

Sunday, March 27th-Sunday, April 3rd:  Team Transitions

  • Team Transition will last one week.  At the end of the week, the new Leadership Team will be considered fully installed.