Catholic Campus Ministry Student Center

at Christopher Newport University

Hours of Operation

effective 08/21









12-3 pm; 6-9 pm

12-3 pm; 6-9 pm

12-3 pm; 6-9 pm

12-3 pm; 5-7 pm


3-7 pm

A Home Away From Home

At college it is important to have a space where you feel safe - a place to relax and to recover from the business of school. The Student Center is a place for students to recharge through fellowship with each other and through prayer. 

Staying Safe during COVID-19

At CCM we are adapting to the changing times! In order to keep our students and community members safe we are following the guidelines and procedures of the CDC, VDH, the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, and Christopher Newport University. We have moved furniture and made cleaning supplies easily accessible for all. We will also be cleaning the CCM facilities regularly per CDC guidelines.  Finally we will be adopting new guidelines that will help maintain a safe environment.

Students, Staff, Community members, Vendors, and Visitors must comply with the following:

  • Masks must be worn when inside the CCM Student Center

    • The only exception to this is if you are in a room by yourself for an extended period of time. If someone enters the room you must resume wearing your mask immediately. ​

  • People who are not sharing a dorm/suite or are not in the same household must maintain a distance of 6ft between persons at all times. 

  • Rooms must not have more people in them than the capacity indicated

  • In order to enter the CCM Student Center you must acknowledge the following:

    • Your temperature is under 100.4 degrees​

    • You or anyone in your household does not have a new cough or shortness of breath

    • In the past two weeks you or anyone in your household has not had a fever

    • In the past two weeks you or anyone in your household has not been exposed to anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19

Proper Use of Space

All rooms will be open for student use during the hours of operation listed above. Only the top floor room can be reserved for small group gatherings during which the room will not be open to outside guests. Any other restrictions or guidelines on the use of space will be indicated in the space itself. 

If you have questions about any of the above topics or our response to COVID-19 please email our Director at