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CCM and COVID-19

How we are adapting to slow the spread, keep students and staff safe, and practice our Catholic faith. Click on the options below to learn more!

Now more than ever students will need a place to relax and spend time with each other and the Lord. The Catholic Student Center will remain open with outdoors and indoors, masked events.


In order to keep everyone safe we have also instituted a few guidelines that must be followed by all using the facility and grounds .


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The Sacraments are the heart and soul of CCM and will remain at the center of our Catholic community. We will make sure that students have access to the Sacraments as they need them. We are following the guidelines of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond under the direction of the local parish to make sure that the Mass is offered safely.

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We believe that there is tremendous value to having in person interactions and encouraging students to grow with each other during their time at college. In Person ministry will continue according to guidance from the University and the Catholic Diocese. 

We have a calendar of events that students can look forward to! We are also excited to announce the addition of more small groups this year!

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