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CCM Discernment 2020

Meet the candidates for...



Regan Flieg

I’m Regan Flieg, a rising senior, majoring in Philosophy and English with minors in Linguistics, Leadership, and Communications.  As a member of the CCM community for the past three years, I have grown and blossomed in my faith in a way that I hadn’t in the previous 17 years of my life as Catholic Christian.  What made this possible was the true community that exists within our ministry.  This community welcomed, encouraged, uplifted, and supported me in a way I had never experienced outside of it.  The CCM community truly acted as Christ to me, opening room for me to flourish.  I find joy in loving the good things our God has put in this world – cats, coffee, trees, language, flowers, granola, prayer – and telling the people I encounter just how good they are.  This ministry has served me and opened me up to all of that love and joy, and I want to give back and serve our community to plant that love and joy in others as seeds for our Heavenly Father to grow and nourish.


Kayla Hammond

Hello, my name is Kayla. I a rising senior majoring in Psychology. I am from Charlottesville, Virginia and enjoy attending UVA football games. Also in my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, listening to music and crafting. I look forward to growing within my faith and the CCM community!

Vice President


Gabe Hain

Hey y’all! My name is Gabe Hain and I am running for Vice President. I am a rising sophomore at CNU and in the short time that I have been here, the CCM House has already become my third home. Now that I have experienced the great community that CCM is, I feel like I should give back to this awesome organization. I love to challenge myself and I am always trying to become a better leader, so the opening of the VP position is very exciting for me. A few other things that I love are mountain biking, mac and cheese, and a nice tall glass of chocolate milk. I hope you enjoy the short video I made, as you can probably tell, COVID – 19 may have stopped school, but it hasn’t stopped me from being my silly self.

Matt wood (1 of 1) (1).jpg

Matt Wood

Hi! My name is Matthew Wood and I am running for the Vice President position for the Catholic Campus Ministry. I am currently a second-semester freshman studying mathematics. On campus other than Catholic Campus Ministry, I am a freshman president’s leadership program ambassador, a part of the Club Table Tennis Team, a volunteer at the Virginia Living Museum, and a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon. My hobbies include singing and listening to music, watching Netflix, spending time outdoors, and hanging around with friends. I am an extrovert so I love talking to and meeting new people especially if it is about math concepts. I see myself as a very kind and helping person, as well as outgoing and a little goofy. I was very busy on campus this semester with all of my involvement along with 17 credits but I am maintaining a 3.6 GPA as well as managing all of my commitments. I have a large amount of motivation for my extracurriculars and would love to bring my enthusiasm to the Executive Board of the Catholic Campus Ministry. 

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