Leadership Team Applications 2019

Monday, March 11: Applications for Vic President & President and Leadership Team Open

President & Vice President

  • Email Laura Powell at laura.powell@cnu.edu and fill out the Team Application by Thursday, March 21st to place yourself on the ballot for President and/or Vice President. All applications will be done by SELF-nomination. If there is someone you believe would be an excellent candidate, please encourage them to apply. Candidates are encouraged to apply for both positions, if they would have interest in serving in either role.

  • Candidates for President and Vice-President must be either rising Juniors or Seniors.

  • Candidates for President must have served on team (though do not have to be current team members). This is not a requirement for the candidates for Vice President.

Other Team Positions

  • Candidates for Team are encouraged to meet with current Team members in their desired position(s) to learn more about the responsibilities and expectations of the position

  • Any practicing Catholic at CNU is invited to apply

  • The Team application must be filled out by March 21st at 11:59pm.

Monday, March 18th, 7:00pm: Town Hall

  • Everyone interested is invited to attend

  • We will have a “Town Hall” style discussion of the “State of CCM”

  • Discussion of what the community is looking for in a President/Vice President

  • We will not be talking about candidates at this meeting, but rather CCM as a whole

Thursday, March 21st, 11:59pm: All Applications Close

Friday, March 22nd: President & Vice President Candidate Meetings

  • On Friday, March 22nd, meet with Laura Powell to discuss your interest in the position. At this meeting, Laura will explain the discernment process in greater detail, including preparations to make for Sunday’s meeting.

  • Candidates who are abroad will meet via Skype or phone.

Sunday, March 24th, 4:30 PM: President & Vice President Discernment

  • Introduction of candidates for President; statements from candidates, questions to candidates

    • Candidates dismissed then the group will proceed with a discussion of candidates for President

    • Voting for President

  • Introduction of Candidates for Vice-President; statements from Candidates, questions to candidates

    • Discussion of Candidates for Vice-President

    • Voting for Vice-President

  • Announcement of New President & Vice President

  • Pizza will be provided

Tuesday, Mar 31st, TBD: Team Discernment

  • Current Team, New President and Vice-President will participate

  • Introduction of candidates for all other team positions

  • Discussion of candidates and formation of new team

  • John, Laura, Current and New President, and Current and New Vice President offer

  • Announcement of new Team

Sunday, April 7, TBD: Joint Team Meeting with Incoming and Outgoing Teams

Sunday, April 7, 3:30 PM: Blessing & Installation of New Team at Mass


Catholic Campus Ministry has expanded each year to serve the Catholic population at Christopher Newport University and to provide a spiritual home for our students, faculty and staff.


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